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a. used towards someone when someone else is mad, but not really that mad, at them for something silly.

b. gooey stuff in your nose that is nice for flinging at people or just eating.

c. used to call a cute little kid.
a."You booger!!"

b.Teacher: "Timmy! What did you just throw at Susan?!"
Timmy: "Aww, jee Mrs. Lemonbottom, it was only a booger."

The kid felt so secluded in the class that he forgot he wasn't alone and stuck that booger right down his throat.

c. Grandma, "My sweet little booger!"
by Berkeley October 15, 2004
36 32
an accumullation of human mucus, usually reffered to as one when it has been removed from the cavity of the nose
small child picks nose. removes a mass of green substance
by Urban Dictionary September 15, 2003
596 161
A little kid that is a pain at times.
man my 8 year old cousin is such a booger.
by Clint McCorkle May 30, 2005
365 179
Residue in the nose, dried snot
"ugh, there's a massive booger hanging out of your nose, please clean it!"
by Anya Ali January 15, 2003
279 126
bunch of stuff under the nose
hey look at dem boogers
by sergio gregory October 15, 2003
164 69
Slimey goodness from nose.
Booger is yum.
by Levestus March 31, 2003
262 197
An annoying person that you can't get away from. Much like a booger, this person is very annoying and the only way to get rid of them is by wiping them off to someone else. The other person must now deal with this annoying booger.
"Here comes the booger"
"Man I can't stand this guy he won't go away!"
by 808s&heartbreak September 24, 2008
65 29
A film character popularized by the 80's movie series "NERDS". Most notably remembered for wearing shirts that said "Give me head 'till I'm dead" and occasionally saying, "What the fuck."
I'm going to dress like booger this year on Halloween.
by HempFuckinDiddy July 09, 2003
115 79