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kill all of northkorea
fucking northkorea
by kio September 07, 2003
When in the lack of appropriate insults, to call one "booger" is to insult every part of the person including mind, body, and soul and to subject them to the ever taunting of the word. Whence calling someone "booger" the victim will show confusion before sudden realization of what they have been called, therefore falling into giggles before then going into depression. A very powerful insult indeed.
by Kio June 18, 2003
Commonly associated with "beer" or "alcohol", booze is actually the British version of Vodka, one drink of a true "booze" will intoxicate and immediately make the drinker, "drunk"
"Ho chap can I have a booze please?"
by Kio June 18, 2003

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