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Your birthday. On your 'boofday' it is customary to get boofed.

Boof as a verb is traditionally defined as the act of shoving something in your ass; Drugs, sexual toys, etc. however as per the Guad Squad definition, boof is often used as a one word statement. If someone is beautiful or handsome, one would say 'boof' to let that person know they are thought to be so by the individual who told them boof.

Boof as an adjective is used by the Guad Squad in a similar manner as 'fuck' is used. 'Boofed' would then be similar to 'fucked'

On your Boofday, it is the day people 1) celebrate your birthday 2) acknowledge how boof you are and 3) If all goes well, you might get boofed.
Noun: "Today is Jack's birthday! Happy Boofday Jack, hope ya get boofed tonight! Hopefully no sandwicheeeees"
by Johnny5Aliiive June 03, 2014

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When a person celebrates the day of their boof.
October 18th is Anna and Rachel's Boofday!
by Uncle Nealio September 15, 2008