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The act of groping a womens breasts. whilst the groping commences, the exclaimining 'boodoo' must be heard by all around to make it acceptable.
Furthermore, boodoo must only be done on those with average breasts, bajoomba highlights the groping of larger breasts of cup size greater than F.
girl: did you just see that man grope that woman?
boy: yeeah but it's alright because it was a boodoo

man1: man i would like to boodoo her
man2: naah she's looks more like a bajoomba
by HangReaper February 12, 2011
6 3

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The freaky name that your mother thinks is affectionate.
Do you want a but-but, Boo Doo?
by boodoo February 19, 2012
2 1