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An Americanization of the Korean underground slang term for a reliable brother; someone who can be counted on when times are tough yet who maintains a sarcastic and flippant attitude that is at once endearing and slightly annoying in the way siblings can be. This term is especially applicable when the Boocheeroo is a hotshot cocktail artist and/or video game masterand/or finance wizard and is rumored to be descended from royal historical figures.
He is a real Boocheeroo: he bailed my car out of transmission purgatory and then mixed me a "Sandra Bullocks." I drank twelve of them.

Dude: you are a Boocheeroo indeed. I thought I'd fail that Shakespeare class and then you showed me that Henry V film and I aced the exam. "Once more to the breach, my band of brothers!"
by toosiepoo April 09, 2010

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