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Another way of saying "No worries".

Used when someone apologizes or expresses gratitude.
1: "Hey, is it okay if my feet go in your mouth?"
2: "No. That's weird as fuck."

(1 shoves cock in 2's mouth anyway.)

1: "Do you like that? Do you like it down your throat? Choke for me. Choke."
(2 takes feet out of mouth momentarily.)
2: "It's actually not that bad. Definitely underrated."
1: "Can I shove them back in?"
2: "Sure."
1: "Thanks."
2: "Boobs on a hot plate."

(2 shoves 1's feet back down his throat.)
by Night Crawlin' Nigger October 31, 2011
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A Pineys way of saying hakuna matata
"Yo Bro, thanks for letting us crash here"
"No Problem man, Boobs on a hot plate."
by Underwho August 05, 2008

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