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the girl on the side that's been there through everything & no matter what will always be there. she doesn't need a title to ride in the passenger side, and may occasionally have her own "man" at times. but no matter what she's the ride or die chick & you know she'll give you some ridiculous head in a public place, or work up a sweat in your back seat.
his boy: "you chillin wit your girl tonight?"
him: "naa, got me some time with the booboosnacks"
his boy: "ha haaa, but you know your girl is trippin & stays blowin up my phone cuz she says you neva spend time with her"
him: "yeah, but i need me some of that booboosnacks loving tonight"
by PiNKFUZZYSLiPPERS February 03, 2009
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