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'Tyler Finch' The sickest cunt in the whole wide world.
Wow he is almost almost boobler.
The sex is so good i wish boobler was here.
my 16 inch penis is so insignificant compared to booblers.
He has about enough balls to look at boobler
by CC curlwaa crew August 26, 2009
a child who saves their lollies until everyone has eaten theirs, and then pulls them out and eats them very slowly in front of everyone to taunt them. This term only applies to lollies and children.
"Oh Rozzie your such a boobler, how could you do this to us!!"
by Jesus in the sky April 06, 2012
Someone who uses the booble search engine.
Once I used booble, I became a boobler. I'm so proud.
by milf_hunter666 November 02, 2005

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