another term for san diego... aka wales vagina
Hey man whats going on in Boobin?

Nothin but pussy...
by kingkontos September 06, 2011
Top Definition
Boobin' is the word. And the word is boobin'. It means everything good especially with regards to consumption of alcohol and other foreign substances. It means to just be having a good day. It could be stand in for hitting a lot of shots in a row on the basketball court, or even performing a skateboarding/snowboarding trick especially cool. Since it is the verb form of a noun, the noun also comes in play for different variations of this multi-purposeful word. See examples below:
"I've been boobin' since i woke up man."
"I am the BOOBS right now!"
"I was totally boob'ed out last night bro..."
"I'm boobin' harder than Pamela Anderson."
"That's five in a row! I'm straight boobin'."
by Flobias May 13, 2010
To be in the process of having a good day (See also, Chillin)
Wassup my nigga?
Just boobin' dawg.
by The Paul March 25, 2004
Mammary glands that are quite satisfactory
I was out with this bizzniotch, and I bought her some Mcdonalds, while in my car, we went at it, and I was all over the Boobins and Poontown, before I even kissed her. *respect*
by Jon Himself March 13, 2003
A sexy female. Preferably a female Human, but not required.
"Bro, check that girl out over there." "Nice, that girl is totally Boobin'"

"Dude, Sick, Gross, that girl is totally not Boobin'"
"That girl is so Boobin', I think i just came ;)"

Also See: Saggin'
by Mr. Tpain July 07, 2009
verb: to boob (when boobin', you must grab your breasts simultaneously with a disgusted expression).

In spanish: boobar
you are totez boobin'. *everyone grabs boobs*

Nosotros boobamos. *same*
by Shawna, Megan November 15, 2006
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