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to be in a relationship with someone
yo, I heard Jordan boo'd up with Shiri!
by gettinjazzy October 03, 2010
To be "snug" with your boo.
..to be all "Lovey Dovey" w/ your significant other
-Dude, why is Joe whispering in the phone like that?

-Oh, he Boo'd up wit his girl...lol!!!
by Kai-ona May 01, 2006
Getting serious or going to the next level with your significant other.
Dr. Tracy is all boo'd up!
by likahurricane February 05, 2009
The initial hook upstage when the couple doesnt leave the house or go to the clubs. Kissing in public also occurs at this time.
Yeah...I stopped by Lisa's yesterday but didnt knock. She was all boo'd up with some nigga on the couch
by cip3 October 19, 2008
when a guy or a girl does everything his/her boyfriend/girlfriend wants
Guy 1: "Hey my girl just called I'm gonna leave."

Guy 2: "Dang man you're all boo'd up."
by kidd6 November 01, 2008