1. A person who is addicted to relationships and usually is way too excited when their friends join them in the realm of having a significant other.

2. Someone obsessed with being in a relationship; usually a crazy woman who depends on a man to make her happy.

Origin: Boo junkies are often revealed when someone on Facebook or MySpace changes their status from 'single' to 'in a relationship.' Following this status change, the user receives a plethora of comments and wall posts stating, 'Congratulations!!' or some other ridiculous explanation that makes it seems like you weren't a 'whole' person until you started dating someone.

The term comes from the slang definition of 'boo,' a significant other, and a junkie, someone who has a serious addiction.
Anna: Oh my God, Christie!!!! I'm SO glad you and Brad finally made it official! I'm so happy you upgraded your status in life.

Christie: Ummmm, it's really not that serious. Do you have to be such a boo junkie?
by EllePixie March 11, 2009
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