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Marijuana, pot, bud; often used as Boo for short and in many times with anger.
1)Yo! Gimm' some dat 'Boo Boo Shmack' neoew!!
2)(or in a formal context) Excuse me kind sir, but do you happen to have any 'Boo'?
by Alex O'B May 22, 2008
Weed Marijuana. The term Boo Boo Shmack can be broken down into the three words that make it. Boo, Boo Boo, or just Shmack. The "Sh" must really be pronunciation as to not be confused with smack (an unrelated term)
1) Yo mang pass that boo.
2)Ready to Shmack out?
3)Boo boo time ma'fka!
4)Holy cow mang, this is some extremely potent Boo Boo Shmack
by yellowGZ November 18, 2009
Weed, or marijuana.
"Let's go get some Boo Boo Shmack and smoke it."
"Sounds swell"
by Paulie Sr. April 02, 2010
Slang for really, really, really, SUPER potent weed. Usually shortened to boo for ambiguity. Supposedly coined by this guy named Pimp Dog who did this amazing free-style at this party i was at.
1) "You gadat boo?"
2) "Hey bro, i burned some Boo Boo Shmack yesterday, went fuckin' blind.. turns out, my eyelid muscle permanently broke. Too much THC homie, eyes cracked for life."
by iball45 October 10, 2010

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