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1) Usually in video games. These are levels of games that can be specially unlocked by doing special tasks.

2) Some bitch on Newgrounds.
1) Woah, look at this new bonus stage I just unlocked!

2) BonusStage: OMFG I IS 1ee7!1!one
OsAmARaMa: Banned. ;)
by BackToNormal February 09, 2005
Definition 1: an exact Level on a video game.
Definition 2: an extremly funny webtoon you can find at
Definition 2: Joel: my latest invention can make pancakes walk.
Phil: what the hell is the point of that?
Random dude who isn't in the show: I love bonus stages
by the only smart person in the world February 17, 2006
The coolest person ever, period.
BonusStage > j00
BonusStage <3's j00
BonusStage pwns j00
by NotBonusStage February 10, 2005
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