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At one time, it had only a gas station. Now, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Washington state. Bonney Lake is situated just 20 minutes NE of Tacoma, and an hour from the beautiful Mt. Rainier. Although the highschool students that reside here like to pretend to be white trash/hicks, most are actually middle class - upper middle class people since there are three lakes in the small town to buy choice property. Although Bonney Lake has almost nothing to offer except for a movie theatre, plenty of coffee joints, and an awesome sushi bar, it is still way better than neighboring towns Buckley and Sumner.
People from Bonney Lake really know how to "Get er' Done!"
by Shauna Jean June 26, 2008
Next in line to become South Hill.
In that awkward phase when people still remember it being small while getting annoyed at the new road construction and traffic.
I hope they build a mall in Bonney Lake soon.
by Mayor McPayne July 10, 2008
A former rural Washington town now owned by developers with very little park space and nothing but massive cloned subdivisions and franchise fry shacks. There is a gorgeous 80' waterfall there called Victor Falls which anywhere else would be a nice park but trash is strewn about and garbage is all over at the base of the falls.
Let's not go to Bonney Lake. Theres no "there" there.
by Nevergoinback July 27, 2011
A small suburb of Seattle
Known for being a highway town
Filled to the brim with coffee places, gas stations and fast food resturaunts.
A place that shuts down at 9 PM promptly every night.

"Where do you live?"
"Bonney Lake"
"You mean that shithole that closes after dark?"
"That's the one"
by Bethanny June 26, 2008
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