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A bongaloid is a very large penis.
Girl 1: Omg he just sent me a dick pic and he has a bongaloid!
Girl 2: I wish my man had a bongaloid.
by foreign_jay January 15, 2015
A Bongaloid is a dude that just simply cannot live without their Bong. A Bong in the morning and last thing at night, Bongaloid is the sacred keeper of the bong through dark and light...
A person, perhaps Mr Bongaloid of Beanstead, who comes from a middle class background, living their life as a big time agoraphobic stoner..
by Choco-caramel-slices November 19, 2010
Crazy couple who that goes where no other couple would ever dare go. They take it to the extreme and do things no one would ever do.
Dude 1: Dude..are those two really doing what i think they're the kids pool?!

Dude 2: Dude...theyre hardcore bongaloids dude.
by prudey May 07, 2007
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