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A bong monkey is like a little fairy god mother for stoners.

Imagen this, Your having a session on the bong by yourself, at the computer, bit o' the trippy music.
You decide that its bong time, you grind your weed and go for you downpipe.
At the moment you see it, you realise the bong is all ready stacked and ready. w1n.

This is the typical work of bong monkeys.

Their work can also be seen when people find bags of weed when their out and about.
1:Sweet man! I love the bong monkeys <3
2:Bong monkeys? i thought we were talking about scooby do?
1:Yah man, pass the bong...
by Jasey May 20, 2006
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A Human ancestor theorized by Potopia. Discovered fire and used it to light the bong. Frequent user of cannabis. Also a stoner. Can also be used as a person who lights the bong for another person, used for long bongs.
" That dude is the bong monkey!"
by Potopia October 20, 2007
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1) Somebody who acts like a little monkey and goes crazy at the sight of the the bong. This person usually likes getting stoned a lot.

2)Somebody who lights the bong for a friend
1)He is a real bong monkey all he talks about is hitting the bong.

2)You wanna be the bong monkey and light this fat bowl of dank for me?
by Darth Blazer December 11, 2007
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Any primate who is a frequent user of marijuana (usually confined to chimps or bonobos because of the intelligence required to operate a water pipe) can become a bong monkey. Traditionally, a bong monkey is initiated into marijuana usage by a human user of the drug, and twosome unite as constant companions. The bong monkey usually serves as a type of "helper monkey," with the monkey acting as caretaker of the pipe- packing the bong with the dried buds and leaves of the marijuana plant, replacing the water when it becomes foul and cleaning the pipe. However, there have been cases of bong monkeys continuing to use the drug after severing their relationship with their human friends. Bong monkeys are very protective of their bongs.
Human stoners find kinship in the relaxed approach to life common in many apes who spend their days sleeping, feasting and copulating in fruit-bearing trees. Bong monkeys don't judge their human friends' lethargic habits. Some bong monkeys have been known to play video games and provide cogent analysis of Tool lyrics.
Yeah, it's cashed. Just hand it to the bong monkey. He'll tap it out and pack it up- but he gets greens.
by Bill Dendis November 11, 2007
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