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A girl who focuses on losing weight to the exclusion of actually being healthy or attractive. A Bonesack is frequently anorexic or bulimic and prefers starvation to exercise and a healthy diet.
"Did you see that Bonesack? I could see every one of her ribs."
by Chark Charkles July 10, 2008
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A real Goon, clean , fresh , swift , OWNS CHAPEL, have been known to yell ''bonesack'' when in new territory .Bonesack can also be a cool person with swag, The group is run off of Soulja Boy & other ''Based'' rappers, They live by the stoner life, Weed & spice are smoked regularly , shrooms & DXM are also done alot, They're main hangout spot is in Tampa Florida at ''Al Hadeels'' hookah lounge by the USF campus.
''yo whats good bonesack''
''bonesack poppin all droppin''
''bonesack pulls ya girl''
by soupyg February 28, 2012
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