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a way to desribe that you defeated oppenent in a sport or a videogame
man1: dude we won!

man2: ya that was total boneage
by monte08 August 28, 2005
15 7
Generally used as a more politically correct term than Bonehead, but it is really one in the same. Can be used as noun, adjective or verb.
Hey boneage, what are you up to tonight?

After a typical comment, you would say- Hence, boneage!
by Mia Chang March 15, 2007
8 5
say it after a sentace, usually with exclamations points, sometimes meaning something sexual but most of the time random.
that car is cool. BONEAGE!!!
i want to bone you!! BONEAGE!!!
by richard (olaf) December 16, 2003
8 20