Top Definition
Bomben is a term used to explain something that sounds rad or cool.

Wow, look at this!
Man, thats bomben!!
by Lacey(: July 16, 2008
A Lifestyle that contains getting high off life, Drunk off Alcohol, and Getting Money.
Being single is the only way you can own this title.
Bomben doesn't need to be tied down because bomben is a strong independent black woman that dont need a man. Or girl. Once you come to terms with taking this name get ready for a mind-blowing night of partying.
fuck man you must be a bomben.
cause your awesome.
by shitteaser October 26, 2011
something so awesome or fantastic, words just cannot describe!

Better then saying "the bomb" or "wicked"
Dude check out that car!

Holy crap that thing is Bomben!
by bombs23 May 08, 2011

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