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The misspelling of the term Bob-Omb. This word is not a bomb character from the mario series and needs to be spelled correctly.
Hey look! All the mario games and the smashbros dojo site spells Bob-Omb as Bob-Omb! NOT Bomb-Omb.
by Rapfnny May 01, 2009
Slang for more awesome than bomb (adj). Used for shortening sentences into fragments. Amazing, mind blowing, unbelievable.
1. Tastes bombomb.

2. This... is bombomb.

3. Dam, you look bombomb.

4. Bro, bombomb.

5. Bombomb, you lose.
by Poshua- March 08, 2011
adorable bad guy from the various Mario games.
Quick! throw the bomb-omb at the koopa so we can rescue princess peach.
by Karebear26 January 08, 2009
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