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N. a word. (a good word for scrabble)
Word is a bomad, and vice versa.
by Stixizzle/joezizzle/travizzle November 07, 2005
Stands for "Bank Of Mum And Dad" and refers to people that either choose to or are forced to live, financially speaking, off their parents.
Bloke 1: Mate when I was in the States, I was earning f*ckin 6 bucks an hour AND paying for rent and food. Now I'm home, earning three times that and not paying for shit!

Bloke 2: You moved back in with the folks then, c*unt?

Bloke 1: Yip and not paying board or for anything mate. Just f*ckin freeloading.

Bloke 2: Gotta love the BOMAD mate!
by grenvold July 16, 2010