Super cool polar bear from the banjo-kazooie series.
by Boggy August 10, 2003
Top Definition
bog-ee, baw-gee


A person, whom has consumed vast quantities of alcohol and has become upset and or angry with people for no apparent reason.


2011; Middle English boggee. See bog1 , -ee2
Damn that girls boggy!

What's this I hear about you saying something to someone who said something to someone else about me been boggy!

You Boggy lil biatch!
by Cuddly Rob August 09, 2011
An Irish Oath
An Irish Wolf Hound

Boggy Waved his hand and proclaimed "I have a new fuck buddy"
by DS8821 February 02, 2009
A right evil bastard.
Waitress: "I forgot your drink sir, I'm sorry"

Boggy: "Fuckin' cunt."
by Bubbles Brinkley April 14, 2008
To get mad; to feel pissed off or offended.
Try to jump my crew if you cats feel boggy, you need to wake up and smell the damn coffee.
by Ruel May 18, 2005
Someone who is difficult to distinguish if they are a boy or a girl, so they are just a BOG, or Boggy.
Shitass Bankteller: Dude, is your cousin a boy or a girl?
One soon to be nicknamed Boggy: She's a girl, dude.
Shitass Bankteller: So she's a Boy Girl...a BOG...we should call you BOG...Boggy.
Boggy: Dam.
by VSkizzle February 02, 2007
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