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another word for ciggarette.
Eh, can I have a boggie?
Lets go out for a boggie.
by K.Ford June 06, 2005
The decayer of universes, to control existence, presidential candidate for 2012.
God has the powers of boggie
#god #decayer #power #sexy #cheese
by stryfethechosen February 12, 2009
-To 'party down' in an impressive way.
Time to get my boggie on
#boogy #party down #dance #impressive #soggy
by Sol640 June 16, 2009
A hairy drunk guy thats spits on a gothicas leg right before passing out.
Andy is such a boggie, a girl came over and he just spit on her leg.
#bogg #bogger #bogging #bogged #boggified
by Duke Juke April 23, 2007
A dirty fat boong who eats rats for breakfast
Hey! Is he/she a boggie??
by Mark August 25, 2004
affectionate term for puppy who chews all day long
look, that masticating boggie is destroying my sandals!
by gelato April 02, 2005
someone who is "a boggie"
Linda Boathan
by t1dylad January 16, 2004
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