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A. The last name of men destined for greatness. b. The family name of a very unselfish man. If the first name he is given is Manny then he is also loved by all women and sometimes misundersood by their husbands. c. A man with a very big heart that has much to offer the world.
He is a great man. I wish I could be a Bodon.

Everybody loves Manny.
by Everyone you know and ur mom February 06, 2010
Somebody who has gone into a mood, angry or pissed off
"Tony has got the BOD ON because his girlfriend wont have sex with him"

"Stop getting the BOD ON!"
by Sum1 wi bod on January 03, 2006
A word used to say right on buddy. Usually used when some does something awesome that makes you proud or happy.
Person 1 - Hey I grabbed a 24 for the hockey game tonight.
Person 2 - Bodon man!
by Insasitate March 10, 2010
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