Short for: Beat Our Dicks Off
Used when someone is doing something to make you and your friends annoyed or angry.

"Hey guys I'll just be a few more minutes can you keep waiting?"

"Beat our dicks off: That's the motto nigga, BODO"
by cmurder August 01, 2012
Street lingo for female genitalia, often used when refering to a whores vagina
by Nymph1337 April 28, 2011
a person who acts stupid and is snobbish or condescending if you mention it
Blow ti off..Ge's just a bodo.
by Siidethnkj October 08, 2006
some one who is slutty most commonly used for a girl
that girl is with all the boys she is a bdo
by popbaby1 February 05, 2005

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