a mixture of the words "bold" and "audacious" meaning one who is downright sexy.
*drools* Did you just see that bodacious chick? *stalks girl*
by Steta June 10, 2005
an adjective used for the gifted few that have a body that make people say :'damn' 'dayuuuum' or simply, 'wow'. usually preceded by the up-down
her body was so bodacious, i wanted to go up and lick her.
by heyitsdeejayy February 22, 2009
A righteous babe or Confident in beauty and skill. Commonly known from it's use in Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure, is derived from the Welsh name Boudica, also known as Boadicea. A Queen of a Celtic tribe who fought the Romans in 60 AD in a revolt that pushed back the Roman empire to London. The rebellion killed around 80,000 Romans. She went on to defeat the Romans again, despite being heavily outnumbered.
"Does this shirt show too much cleavage?"
"No, You look totally bodacious!"
by Boudica11 May 21, 2015
A large, irregularly fat cow. Don't trust the man who gives you this compliment, kids
"You look lovely today!"
"Thanks, some might say I'm bodacious."
by Piggyluver98 February 14, 2014
Having a great ,big, or enormous amount of something
"DAMN girl your ass is bodacious" said mark to sally.
by ass master 2000 July 02, 2013
That Motorcycle is Bodacious
by inhisgrip February 03, 2010
Pertaining to the elemental trinity of excellence.
"The Bodacious geometrical roundness of the sphere is unparalleled"
by Goatinthewoods February 18, 2010

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