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To be superbly hot, the kind of hot the melts people's shoes. The kind of hot that makes grills start. The kind of hot that ignites hot pockets to explode in your hand. The kind of hot, that comes from a male or female.
1: Nelly's song, "Hot In Here"...good gracious ass is bodacious!

2: Your next door neighbor.
by Omeglecat December 21, 2013
A large, irregularly fat cow. Don't trust the man who gives you this compliment, kids
"You look lovely today!"
"Thanks, some might say I'm bodacious."
by Piggyluver98 February 14, 2014
an adjective used for the gifted few that have a body that make people say :'damn' 'dayuuuum' or simply, 'wow'. usually preceded by the up-down
her body was so bodacious, i wanted to go up and lick her.
by heyitsdeejayy February 22, 2009
Having a great ,big, or enormous amount of something
"DAMN girl your ass is bodacious" said mark to sally.
by ass master 2000 July 02, 2013
That Motorcycle is Bodacious
by inhisgrip February 03, 2010
substitution for heh in some l33t circles of teh intartubes. further distancing the user from such mundane phrases as lol.
guy: dude when we gave stormy a ride he didnt even give a reach around...hmm

by blz1 August 22, 2008
Pertaining to the elemental trinity of excellence.
"The Bodacious geometrical roundness of the sphere is unparalleled"
by Goatinthewoods February 18, 2010