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buying a pint of super bock (a portuguese larger) with no intention to drink it and then Bock/whack (pouring) it over your head. Often more satisfying in groups of seven or more.
go into a bar in portugal, buy a pint of super bock for around three euro, pay the barman and then continue to Bock the bock larger over your head. This art form is called Bocking.
by Croon`s number 9 June 13, 2011
The art of using spring-loaded stilts to jump and run with animal agility. It is possible to achieve six feet of height or twenty-five miles per hour on flat ground. The sport is named after Alexander Boeck, the German inventor who came up with them.

Bocking is an acrobatic sport, mostly involving midair tricks, but it's really what you make of it. It's plenty fun enough to go out for a stroll, or go for a run and feel the wind in your hair, although running long distances requires extreme endurance. Daily bocking can likewise bring one's endurance to a completely new level.
As the sport stands as this is being written, bocking is more of an extreme sport than a method of transportation, although this fact may change as newer, lighter models with better springs come out.
Note: backflips and similar stunts are not made easier on bocks, contrary to common belief. They require less physical agility because of the spring action, but achieving the flipping motion is very difficult.
I was out bocking the other day, and I finally managed to do a 360 split kick!

Bocking this Halloween will be a riot.
by Frank VB October 08, 2008
The friendlier version of f**king, used when in the prescence of elders, or young children.
"Edgar put Jimmy down you BOCKING IDIOT!"
by .The amazing Mairi. December 17, 2006

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