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Possibly one of the greatest poets/singers in history who made the biggest mistake in music history when he stopped singing about politics and went to an electric sound. Then made a bigger one when he went for a country sound with Johnny Cash. Despite this, he remains a genius who truly defined the 60s through his music and captured the rebellious feel of the times. His early works remain classics, with singles such as "The Times They Are A Changing," "Blowin In The Wind," "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" and "Masters Of War" to name a few. Despite the political void, his songs after the album "Bringing It All Back Home" still are works of art.
The Freewheelin Bob Dylan is one of the greatest albums ever, Don't Look Back is one of the greatest doucmentarys ever (footage shot of him on his 1965 tour in London), and Dylan's poetry is deep, profound, and magnificent.
by downwithpop July 06, 2005
One of the greatest songwriters of the 60's and 70's. Got into a Car accident so now he has that raspy voice. He is back on tour today.
Bob dylan is fucking sexy.
by Justin McFarlane May 23, 2005