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Oliver Sykes is the lead singer/screamer of the very popular band Bring Me The Horizon. BMTH is a damn good band, don't get me wrong, but Oli is the reason of most of their fans(the female ones, at least). He has talent and is attractive, but apparently he is a little bitch. Though wether it happened or not is unknown, apparently he took a piss on a girl who refused him sex, kicked her off the tour bus, and threw a drink at her. What a little bitch. Oh yeah, he owns the clothing line DropDead, too.

To conclude Oli, he is the poster boy for MySpace with his angled hair, screamo band, amazing talent, and good looks. Poor guy.
ScenexGirlx1: OMG Oli Sykes is like so gorgeous
ScenexGirlx2: OMG IKR HE IS LUSH
ScenexGirlx3: He is brutal for sure
by madsky July 10, 2008
A fucking ballin' ass band from France. You don't need to understand what they're saying to be able to dance to their music. They're some seriously bitchin' shit.

The band consists of:
Isabelle Le Doussal - vocals
Stephane Bodin - Drums
Francois Marche - Guitar and synths

Together, they are bad ass shit.
Give them a listen.
You've most likely heard Prototypes on the 2008 Mitsubishi advertisement.
by madsky April 25, 2008
If there was/is a god, it would be Bob Dylan. Without a doubt. Bob Dylan is god.
"Bob Dylan..he's like..God, man"
"No, no, man..Eric Clapton..he's God"
by madsky March 06, 2008

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