Ex-gameshow host on "The Price is Right." He retired the other day, after a whole hellofa long time as host, and always advised to Spay and Neuter your pets. After coming up in the 29,999,999 position in the 3chan 30,000,000 post escapade of 6/17/07, he was deemed an honorary meme by God.
On the 8th day, God created Game shows but he forgot the hosts.
On the 9th day, God created Bob Barker and since then, we never left the tube.
by Mike2115 June 16, 2007
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the long-running host of Price is Right. He still has energy after all these years to run the program. He should be hailed as a god.
And now, the host of Price is Right...BOB BARKER!
by World Domination February 18, 2005
Incredibly old, host of The Price is Right. Also freakishly strong, as shown in Happy Gilmore.
"I hate that Bob Barker!"
"The price is wrong, bitch!"
-Adam Sandler
by --Meatwad-- November 26, 2004
Texas hold'em poker hole cards: King of spades and 9 of spades. Pun for "spayed K-9" from the traditional Price Is Right show ending reminder to spay or neuter your pet.
"Bob Barker's all in, bitch."
by Coell May 11, 2005
A word meaning to emasculate someone. Coined after Bob Barker, host of the game show The Price Is Right, as a tribute to the fact that at the end of each show he reminds viewers to spay or neuter their pet.
I gave my dog the Bob Barker so he would not have puppies.
by Ainolketta February 18, 2005
When someone fucks a prostitute doggie style and then proceeds to donkey punch her knocking her unconcious thus not having to pay. And while exiting the premises you yell "the price is right, bitch!"
"While attending a bachelor party in Vegas I "Bob Barkered two whores in one night." "The price WAS right!"
by MarkO June 11, 2006
An old man who hosted the popular gameshow "The price is right" for countless years. He retired recently, and doubtless the show will flop after his departure.
"Hey man, did you hear that Bob Barker is done? He's retiring."
"Oh well, that show is finished. He was the only reason it was good, even though he runs on triple A batteries.

"Hey Bob Barker, can I have your autograph?"
"Well, well, let me see son, what now?"
by de'aloha April 13, 2008
A penis that is long and skinny with a big knob head. Like the microphone on the Price is Right.
You'd really just have to see a bob barker to believe it.
by madyago June 30, 2008
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