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1) A girl that is thick. 2) She has thick thighs and nice hips, but far from fat. 3) A big butt, very nice looking. 4) *Not a skinny girl, but she fills out clothes quite nicely*. 5) *Able to see her curves on sight with her clothes still on, and it make you want her*
Damn, she is boated!
Did you see Ashley today? She is looking boated!
by NoMoreRacism November 13, 2007
A term associated with a clapped 'fresh' person from one country of another. Often the stereotype of a race, appearing as though they need to be deported asap.
John:"Look at Fatima she's so cute and fresh" Lola: "She's defo boated, get her to follow you on twitter I bet she has one eyebrow in her twitcon"
by lensO November 22, 2011
adj.midwest vernacular for dressing exceeding well;very nicely clothes. probably originating from the famous urban name brand Marithe Francois Girbaud. Local idiom evolved the word into the phrase "boated"
damn that nigga always have a fresh pair of forces and a fitted on. he stay boated
by scottesha February 05, 2008
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