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Is a Norwegian ice cream thats shaped as an boat.

Is = ice cream.

It started on artige.no when people sent in pictures of "eg skal ha ein boat is". Meaning I want a boat ice cream.
Eg skal ha ein boat is.
by Shibiz December 25, 2011
14 1
Short for "Bend Over And Take It".
omg boati now bitch!
by Blackmasta April 20, 2005
8 1
Boat-Is is a very cool norwegian ice cream which is very popular on the norwegian internet. It first appeared on a norwegian internet page www.artige.no and has since become a big thing in Norway.
Boat-Is is a cold vanilla ice cream formed as a boat with stiff waffles and strawberry flavor on the top. On the top it has a delightful chocolate layer.
by Fridakinderegg December 25, 2011
7 4
Norwegian meme and ice-cream. Its an Ice-cream formed as a turd in a waffle-bathtub. And on the website artige.no it's a joke that starts to get as old as your grandma.

*Random picture* << Add boat-is << noone lolled.
"hey mom, can you buy me some boat-is?"
"add the text boat-is, it will make this picture funny"
by 1337antikatt December 25, 2011
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