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Is a Norwegian ice cream thats shaped as an boat.

Is = ice cream.

It started on when people sent in pictures of "eg skal ha ein boat is". Meaning I want a boat ice cream.
Eg skal ha ein boat is.
by Shibiz December 25, 2011
Short for "Bend Over And Take It".
omg boati now bitch!
by Blackmasta April 20, 2005
Boat-Is is a very cool norwegian ice cream which is very popular on the norwegian internet. It first appeared on a norwegian internet page and has since become a big thing in Norway.
Boat-Is is a cold vanilla ice cream formed as a boat with stiff waffles and strawberry flavor on the top. On the top it has a delightful chocolate layer.
by Fridakinderegg December 25, 2011
Norwegian meme and ice-cream. Its an Ice-cream formed as a turd in a waffle-bathtub. And on the website it's a joke that starts to get as old as your grandma.

*Random picture* << Add boat-is << noone lolled.
"hey mom, can you buy me some boat-is?"
"add the text boat-is, it will make this picture funny"
by 1337antikatt December 25, 2011

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