A hairy pussy, especially one belonging to a nigger.
My mom's bojackson fucking tastes funny. Perhaps it's because she's an enslaved fucking nigger ass, dick licking, fucking faggot, and I'm her fucking slave driver.
by sizzeyginey September 09, 2006
Bo Jackson... a.k.a. a blowjob, or BJ. To give or get oral satisfaction.
Damn son! You just got a Bo Jackson from that Bitch?!?!
by Jake Layton December 28, 2007
Used, commonly in exclamation, when something unfortunate occurs, similar to bogus. Derived from the all-star baseball player of the same name, who often broke bats over his knee in anger over strike-outs.
You just lost your job? Bo jackson!
by jordan1234 July 21, 2006
To have a foul odor or smell bad. i.e. Body Odor Jackson
Man it smells like some rank ass BO jackson in here.
by Chris Mac F July 20, 2006

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