A beautiful girl who's eccentric, spunky, hilarious, and quirky. She is usually aware of her good looks but it never hurts to tell her again. She in most cases is an awesome dancer and can be very surprising with her skills. Frankly she's the best so boys get down on your knees and worship her because... well duh, she's the best. She also thinks so highly of herself, she can occasionally be blunt and rough, and has even been thought heartless and can be intimidating... but would you have her anyway? No? Good answer.
All Hail Blythe!
by *Red_Headed_Ruler* September 11, 2011
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A young tumblr-famous boy from tumblr.com. Usually deletes his tumblr account within a month, and then makes another.
Person 1. "Who is this small white child on my dash"

Person 2. "How long have you had your tumblr, that's Blythe of course!"
by ihavenoideabut234 October 24, 2010
a skinny white chick who is sometimes shy but is always down for a good time.
dude! that chick is so blythe!!
by revvie October 01, 2006
a gay male with a small penis.
Ew, he's such a Blythe."
by iamc00l March 07, 2011
Blythe is the most amazing and beautiful girl in the world! She is sexy and funny and quirky and everything a guy could ever hope for! The best match for Blythe is Ethan because he will love her forever and always treat her like the goddess she is!
Ethan is completely in love with Blythe!
by Ethan the writer August 06, 2011
A Blythe is a doll.
Non tumblr kid: OMG! Guess what!!?

Tumblr kid: What?

NTK: Blythe's are so cute!

TK: Dude wtf are you talking about? There's only one blythe.
by asdfhjklkjhgfdsa- April 24, 2011
A rare specimen of homo sapiens, found only in Minnesota (and New York soon). Valued for her amazing awesomeness and really, really, ridiculous good looks. Often found in the company of other really cool people
Crikey! Look at that blythe there mate! This un's a rare beauty, so best enjoy this while you can!
by shamu2011 March 12, 2007

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