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The phenomenon where thousands of perma-raging Glasgow Rangers fans (mainly from the bigoted hate-site 'FollowFollow') get upset at the most trivial things, for example green straws, green pepperamis, Eggs Bennedict, ASDA staff doing the Huddle, Green signs on pharmacy storefronts and any other minutiae they see as an offence to their 'culture' and send emails en masse to every newspaper, politician, shreholder or anyone even loosely associated with any of the above to vent their anger.
That'll be the huns off on another one of their bluemail campaigns again..
by Champions 07 April 25, 2007
(Similar to blackmail) When a business (usually a website) ensures your continued patronage by automatically making your private dealings and information public if you don't regularly use their services (visit their website) to tell them not to.
Social Network websites bluemail you by regularly changing their services and reset privacy settings making all private information and posts public. You then have to revisit them to use their services to be able to change the privacy settings back.
by Thirdofherne November 10, 2013

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