A person who frequently wears skinny-jeans and participates in the "yuppie" culture that skinny-jeans represent. Term originates from skinny-jeans cutting off circulation in ankles, thus resulting in blue feet.
Steve got a job at this yuppie company and everybody at his new office is a bluefoot.
by reubenco November 23, 2009
Top Definition
1. The act of having sex in a military port-a-john. So named because the female's foot can accidentally slip into the blue sanitation water due to one leg being raised to allow access.
See that chick over there??? I gave her the bluefoot last Friday.
by jackleg21 April 09, 2008
A white person

Very pale white people's feet look blue when the veins are visible.
Man I ain't f*cking with a bluefoot chick, they ain't got no ass!
by Snapper October 08, 2004
Word used to describe a loose white female who doesn't have morals.

and the rest of the general white population.

also can be spelled: BluFoot
Example 1

Dude = see that girl you deal with last night what was she

Guy - that thing was a Blue Foot.


Example 2

Dude - you lips a blue foot

Guy - na blud,

dude - so why you got a cold sore??
by Smokey/UB3 August 22, 2012
London street talk amongst Black 'rudeboys' referring to a white 'rudeboy' in their crew.
Check my mans, he's a bluefoot.
by Twiki-wiki-piki March 01, 2005
An expression that (is normally apparent in fat people) looks like a person is hypnotized by a doughnut when you try to tell or explain something to them. You know how when your talking to a fat person, you say something they don't understand, they develop that "cuddly bear" look. that is "bluefoot"
I told him the story, and then he got the "bluefoot" expression.
by SULFUR12 October 24, 2009
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