When a girl has a Blue Waffle and gets wet, then that liquid tends to have a different color than normal fluid, it's turns a blue-red color which is called Blueberry Jam.
Girl: Uh Uh Uhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Boy:What The Hell is that!
Girl: It's Blueberry Jam
by HeyItsMeBro October 08, 2011
Top Definition
G rated term for blow jobs
Melanie tends to enjoy giving blueberry jam to those who look sexually frustrated.
by tonightatnine November 14, 2011
The act of having sex with a girl who has blue waffles.
I just gave blueberry jam to the bitch in my crib.
Every time Jenny has sex, she's receiving blueberry jam.
by SnitchSnatchPatty'sAss June 12, 2011
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