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A very infected or klobbered vagina. Commonly achieved with masturbation with a tree branch.
matt: hey jake watch got down there?

jake g. : oh just a blue waffle.
by lgfyli March 28, 2010
A vagina that has some gross disease and turns blue and purple and oozes gross booger stuff and looks disgusting!!!!!!!!!
by oly high kid April 16, 2010
A battered or infected lady cake of blue or green colouring, often brought about by extreme rammage to the female taco with penis or similar device. Blue waffle infections area result of dirty skank whoreness of the smack head variety and are abundant in areas of extreme chav infections as well as areas high in whoredom.
Kurtis: "Hey Stevie I heard you had some blue waffles for a midnight snack."

Stevie: "Yup. Vannah,lizzi, and amanda."
by Blue Waffle Chef April 15, 2010
A very fucked up disiese that affect thhe beautty of a girlz vulva (for all yu dumb shits, the lips between yur legs) looking up this picture will change the way yu look at girls forever.
Danm i was totally gonna knock up this girl but i found she had a blue waffle
by bonbonboobieman January 25, 2011
It's not real!!!

Dont you think it's odd that there's only ONE photo of this 'well known disease'?

If you search the web for pictures I assure you you'll only find the same one that has been circulating the net for months.

And if you study it closely, you can actually see that they have just taken a picture of a vag and coloured it in, you can tell because it's really sketchy.

However, I'm pretty sure those lumps of puss are somewhat real, but a different infection.
Blue waffle, blue waffle.

Is not true.

Totally fake.
by Lalala6669 June 29, 2010
A disease that you will get if you EVER masturbate. Thats right if you are a guy and you EVER!!! masturbate than your penis will fall of and will be replace by a blue waffle, Google Blue waffle if you would like to know what it is
Omg i was so horny last night and i masturbated and this morning Instead of my usual morning wood i had a blue waffle!!!
My girlfriend wouldn't have sex with me so i masturbated and when i woke up i had a blue waffle, now i'm not sure how to have sex with it.
by no muscles November 10, 2010
A Bluish Greenish abnormality in a female OR Male sex organ that is cause by: A weak immune system or lowered resistance to disease is one of the main reason that contributes to blue waffle infection. Secondly, stress and poor or low nutrition diet are some more factors that can result to this vaginal infection. Wearing tight underwear or using feminine hygiene sprays can also cause blue waffle infection. Being an elusive STI(Sexually Transmitted Infection), the infection can also be transmitted from an infected partner to the other partner, if the person indulges in unprotected sex. Other causes may include the use of contraceptives or birth control pills, cuts, abrasions, or some irritations in the vagina from childbirth, intercourse without lubrication, tampons and use of an instrument in the vagina.
Male or Female?? :
Though the term blue waffle has not been officially recognized by any medical professional, it does not mean that the infection does not prevails. In fact, blue waffle infection is often believed to be an elusive Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) which can occur in both men and women but is more commonly seen in women. Blue waffle is a parasitic infection that primarily affects the urogenital tract. Also termed as trichomoniasis or trich, this infectious disease particularly affects the urethra and vagina in women.
Boy1:OMG!! did you see that chick's pussy?!!?! Its totally a blue waffle!!!!
Boy2:NO WAY!!!

by NomNomNomOnYourMom March 20, 2011