A twat or a person with no real friends who drinks alot of milk and gets alot of people pregnant and likes to talk about condoms.
Pally:Youre A Bluetop

Tasha:F**K OFF!
by Ragoo November 21, 2006
Top Definition
they are talking about Grey Goose Vodka due to the familiar blue lable on the top.
Blue top and tonic
by trophy wife March 13, 2009
Slang for Burnette's Vodka. One of the cheapest vodkas almost guaranteed to have you completely smashed and also give you the rot-gut. Can be easily distinguised from a distance or poking out the top of a brown bag by its dark blue top.
Me - "What you gettin from the liquor store man."

Him - "Some Blue top."

Me - "Oooo I don't think I'm ready for all that."

Him - "Hell yeah Imma be rurnt tonight!!"
by MemphisP July 22, 2010
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