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When a blowjob is cut short, and ends in the unfortunate situation of blueballs.
She was blowing me pretty good, but got lockjaw when I was about to cum. Turned a great blowjob into a lousy bluejob.
by YeahWrite! August 14, 2010
An unsatisfactory blow job that bums you out. Very rare and commonly involves the overuse of teeth.
Guy 1: Hey man, you hook up with that girl last night?

Guy 2: Yeah, but she gave me a blue job.
by Vahooey October 22, 2009
A task which is always done by the man in a relationship. (Pink jobs are done by the woman)
Emptying the bins is a blue job in our household
by SiameseWhite August 13, 2009
It's when she / he has a face like a glazed doughnut.
A blue Job describes whats after a blowjob
by Muttonballs July 21, 2010
Any kind of blowjob that involves the use of blue food coloring.
"Do you do fetish? 'Cause I got this big thing for the color blue..."

"You mean like a bluejob? It'll cost extra."

by Spirit_Stiff May 29, 2007
Pronunciation: "blüjäb" NOUN. Etymology:blowjob. Same meaning except for the act is performed by a blue hair.
"The new guy was telling us about how he was at a party and was trolling for some Prune-Tang and ended up getting a killer Blue Job ."
by The Mayor of Plymouth September 21, 2006
When shes got a face like a glazed doughnut.
You know, after a blue-job, the crusty white sticky stuff on glazed doughnuts.
by Holgazano March 19, 2009