shitty NHL team; their name sucks, their logo sucked til this year, and they suck; won't be good for a while
The Bluejackets suck
by 0000 October 20, 2003
Top Definition
1) n. An enlisted person in the U.S. or British Navy; a sailor.a sailor in the Navy. blue•jack•et (ˈbluˌdʒæk ɪt) n. a sailor.

2) n. (Military) a sailor in the Navy
Blue Jackets spend extended periods of time at sea, in all- weather conditions.
#sailor #mariner #navy #seaman #seafarer #shipman #deckhand #swab #crewman #mate...
by Pathogorean March 28, 2013
Awarded to a man who has had anal sex with a female partner. Derived from British greyhound racing terminology, where the dog wearing the blue jacket traditionally starts in trap two. See also brown wings.
"I wore the blue jacket last night..."
#brown wings #botty sex #anal #marmite motorway #update
by Roger the Cabin Boy August 18, 2006
NHL team located in Columbus Ohio. It was an expansion team who's inaugural season was 2000.

They are in the central division of the western conference.

Their first playoff experience was in 2009.
Those Bluejackets are a great team.
#columbus #bluejackets #blue #jackets #nhl
by Rostislav Klesla May 04, 2009
A recent NHL expansion team, that has a large collection of "douchebags" as fans.
The BlueJackets forum on Metroboards is a great and very interesting to read.
by AgentDouchebag August 21, 2003
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