code word for Cocaine. Etomology: On the Navajo Nation, the Navajo people use Bluebird Flour to make Navajo frybread. Young Navajo cokeheads starting use Bluebrid as a way to refer to cocaine. See related Frybread (reference to crack cocaine)
She's headed to the southside for Bluebird.
by NDNLinguist May 21, 2010
A Marten Company truck. Called this due to the blue bird that is the company symbol and prominate on the company's trailers.
That Bluebird was haulin ass down the interstate.
by mahlerssecond September 15, 2007
In the John Lee Hooker "Bluebird" I believe that he may be calling a USPS truck a bluebird, because he tells the bluebird to "Bluebird, please take this letter down south for me", I have never heard Postal trucks called bluebirds elsewhere, but in the context of the song it makes sense, but also, I'm from Seattle, John Lee Hooker is definitely from the South and our dialects are very different.
Bluebird, please take this letter down south for me.
by AndrewZM October 17, 2007
Made for bogans and grandmothers this "vehicle" is based on the flaccid 1.3L ride-on lawnmower engine. A combination of this and the shopping-trolley chassis makes for an underwhelmingly characterless, cloying, colorless, commonplace, dead, drab, drag, drudging, dull, flat car. Often these characteristics are reflected by the driver. Brown wagon variances are known as Blueturds. Drivers of these have been known to exhibit homosexual tendencies. Beware these mullet machines on the road as they may block entire roads with flat tires, exhaust fumes as they have a tendency to roll.
I'm a bogan with a mullet, I drive a bluebird.
by Us March 09, 2003
Similar to Blue Balls, it is the painful feeling when a good tweet is halfway done and suddenly all inspiration is lost
Person 1:#AnnoyingThingsPeopleSay was trending the other day and I almost had the best tweet, but I completely forgot how to finish it. It was the worst Blue Bird
Person 2: How bad did it hurt?
by tweet38271 September 15, 2011
A cunt who comes from Cardiff.
Fuck i think he was a Bluebird...lets batter him!!!
by mike hunt December 11, 2003
my favorite brand of school buses
They have a lot of Blue Birds at Spring Grove.
by Scottydoo May 31, 2005

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