Made for bogans and grandmothers this "vehicle" is based on the flaccid 1.3L ride-on lawnmower engine. A combination of this and the shopping-trolley chassis makes for an underwhelmingly characterless, cloying, colorless, commonplace, dead, drab, drag, drudging, dull, flat car. Often these characteristics are reflected by the driver. Brown wagon variances are known as Blueturds. Drivers of these have been known to exhibit homosexual tendencies. Beware these mullet machines on the road as they may block entire roads with flat tires, exhaust fumes as they have a tendency to roll.
I'm a bogan with a mullet, I drive a bluebird.
by Us March 09, 2003
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slang for cop, police officer, security guard, etc.
"There's a bluebird on my shoulder, can I kill it?"
by DA-BAY August 04, 2005
mostly used to describe a perfect, cloudless bright blue sky and plentiful sunshine. Especially in snowboarding conditions.
check out that sky man, it's total bluebird! my favorite to shred to!
by danny tanner May 17, 2006
a blue bird is a police helicopter.
fucking blue bird been following us all day!
by chewy510 June 05, 2006
It is used to describe a beautiful sunshiny day.
Damn! We have a
by bcraggie August 01, 2005
A North American cavity-nesting thrush of the genus Sialia, characterized by blue plumage.
I wish house sparrows wouldn't take over the bluebird house.
by Korora December 01, 2003
Sunny skies on the slopes, ideal for any boarder
Bangin blue bird day at the ski park
by 530snow December 11, 2008
a term in Florida prison systems, referring to the bus that transers inmates from place to place.
i hate riding on the blue bird, its so uncomfortable
the blue bird coming for a pick up tomorrow morning
by mills5150 May 30, 2013

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