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A small town in Jackson County, MO that leeches off the big honcho Kansas City, along with other towns like Independence and Lee's Summit. Its schools are Blue Springs High (filled with pathetic low-life wannabe gangster twats aka the Wildcats) and Blue Springs South High (filled with uptight sluts and jocks, with a decent football team aka the Jaguars). Theres really nothing to do here but bowl or go to Pancho's (a little mexican joint with fucking delicious burritos, seriously, try it sometime. They're made from the mexican burrito gods). Basically north of 40 Highway is the trashy side, and south of 40 is the middle-class/rich snobs. Home to American Idol winner Dane Cook. Tech N9ne and Bobb'e J Thompson also reside in/around the Springs. If you really want something different to do, go to any other town/city surrounding it. This includes Grain Valley, Lee's Summit, Independence, and Kansas City.
1: Hey man! Where've you been?
2: Oh you know, just been chillin in good ole' blue springs!
1: Damn, that sucks ass
2: Tell me about it! I've done nothin but sit on my ass and eat burritos
by admiralcrunch989 June 12, 2012
Home of American Idol, David Cook, one of the best music artists ever!
Person 1: I'm going to Blue Springs.
Person 2: Dude, that's where David Cook lives!
by notwhoiseem June 27, 2009
The lamest town in Missouri, most def. Home of american idol finalist david cook. This town is full of snobs and homophobic assholes.
I live in Blue Springs.
by Bryar. May 12, 2008

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