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When you're blowin' out a chick and she's riding you with her legs wrapped around you as you sit on a reclining office chair.
Hey, Ron. You bang that broad from work? Yeah, I gave her the ol' Blue Genie.
by mattyboy0105 September 24, 2013
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Blue Genie is a term used to reference any sexual activity that takes place in a Port-a-John. Ideally, the Blue Genie takes place at a large outdoor gathering. For example, a rock concert, race track or airshow. A Blue Genie is most satisfying when performed in a handicap Port-a-John, as there is more room to experience a wider array of sexual positions.
Vinnie's highlight of OSH14 airventure, was meeting a fine young lass and showing her the "blue genie".
by Vin# August 07, 2014
Nickname for the prescription drug Viagra.
Take a blue genie and call me in the morning.
by BTLS Fan September 21, 2005

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