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A handsome man who had anal sex with the moms of the creators of who paid him 2 cents on a dare to do it.
Oh man, I can't believe you pulled a blownshift. (nailed ugly moms on a dare)
#handsome #righteous #awesome #amazing #big cock
by Willie (The Negro) 's Mom August 21, 2009
5 Words related to Blownshift
Bipolar. Insane in the membrane. Not right. Dim-witted. Imbecile.

See also: retarded, special, dumb, brandon.
Special Ed and Blownshift are brothers.
by Brandon February 25, 2004
A man who has contacted his lawyer to file a lawsuit against the owners of for using his copyrighted name in a non-cool way.
King. Winner. Ruler.
by Willie February 16, 2005
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