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Adj. bloated, self important, self inflated, egotistic, verbose. Also used as a verb, see below.
I'm betting on "intellectual dishonesty and blovated egotistical narcissism", but that's just my unsubstantiated suspicion. www.uspoliticsonline.com. Well maybe that and the fact "Marches with Hezbolah" is a blovated, attention seeking sack of scum ... hallsofmacadamia.blogspot.com. Turner is a blovated, narscistic, windbag. Something akin to a 300 foot flagpole in the midst of a prarie thunderstorm. scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com. He instead blovated for a half an hour about "Human Rights Violations in Burma". Wah wah wah. www.xanga.com

by Bob Wainess May 17, 2008