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A woman's vagina when she has that "time of the month."
Dude, I was gonna hit that but she had a bloody taco...
by Anita Dingdong November 06, 2008
The act of drenching any women's vagina in taco bell Hot or Fire sauce. In result of a volcanic eruption from the clitoris, which in some cases, can be deadly.
Today my wife decided to give herself a bloody taco in the Taco Bell restroom.
by failsauce69 August 13, 2011
The action of using ones molars and or scizzor teeth to stretch and/or tear a womans clitoris.
(preferrably done at parties or to a woman you will NEVER meet again)
"OW! that fucker gave me a bloody taco!"

"the bitch cheated on me so i gave her a bloody taco, totally mutilated her clitoris"
by nick12102 April 06, 2008
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