1) anything you want it to be; just a word
2) common uses:
another word for "fuck" (see ex. 2)
Big Boobs (3)
Look at that bloober.
YOu just bloobered up my bloobering paper, you bloobering tardfuck!
I'd love to massage those bloobers.
by 747MG March 08, 2007
when some thing is as awesome as boobs
that was a bloob idea

you are so bloob
by K van dangles August 07, 2010
n: breasts of a black woman. Preferably large and black.

synonym: blits (or Blitz) : A combination of "black tits"
Yo, did you get that Victoria's Secret Catalog the other day...huge bloobs on the cover.
by Alexander Supertramp III February 14, 2011
silicone implants so large they look like snow globes.
"that girl on rock of love bus has some serious bloobs"
by kchoun8 March 16, 2009
When a woman is on her period and you want to have sex you just use the blood as lube.
The girl and I wanted to have sex while she was on her period and we didn't have any lube so we just used bloob.
by ghettosamson July 09, 2010
another term for Fat or Blubber
That old bag has so much bloob hanging off her upper arms she looks like she's got bat wings.
by Rod Fury May 20, 2006
A pair of broken down breasts. Boobies that no longer hold their shape. Broke ass old titties.
Man 1: "Hey man check that out"
Man 2:"DAMN, that girl has quite the pair of Bloobs" *regurgitative sound*
by adrebams January 21, 2010

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